If you have Ocracoke fever and need a little taste of the island, tune into the local radio station online. WOVV was founded in 2008 by a group of volunteers interested in forming a viable on-line and on-air community radio station. Turn on WOVV.org or if you are on the island, tune into 90.1FM to hear live local programming featuring music and entertainment, local news, weather, sports and coverage of local civic and business affairs. The programming is produced and presented by and for locals and visitors alike, broadcasting from the station’s studio on Silver Lake Harbor in the heart of Ocracoke Village. Your donations mean a lot to a small station like this, so if you're so inclined to help maintain a station where you can tune in any time of year to hear what's happening on the island, send a contribution to:
Ocracoke Community Radio, c/o Ocracoke Foundation, P.O. Box 1447, Ocracoke NC, 27960. Please include your return address for tax deduction. All donations will be recognized by mail and are tax deductible.