“Our beer list has expanded over the years to include OBX Kolsch, IPA 25, Bitter Bee, Weizen, Ruddy Radish as well our original Corolla Gold and Black Radish.  Seasonal options include an Oktoberfest which will be available late September 2014 and the Christmas Bier which will be available around Thanksgiving.”

The Weeping Radish is the Oldest Microbrewery in North Carolina. 29 years ago it was illegal for breweries to sell their own beer directly to consumers; they had to go through a distributor. This made it impossible for microbreweries or small brewpubs to exist. In 1985 Uli Bennewitz went to his local senator and together they passed a bill allowing microbreweries to sell their own beer on site. A year later on the July 4th, 1986 the Weeping Radish Brewery opened for business. 

Raised in a small village in Bavaria, Uli was determined to bring the high quality beer he was used to across the ocean to North Carolina. A Master Brewer came over from Germany and brewed the first batches of Corolla Gold, Fest, and Black Radish. Strictly adhering to the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law of 1516, all Weeping Radish beers are brewed using hops, malt, yeast and water – no additives, chemicals or preservatives. 
Our beer list has expanded over the years and currently on draft in the pub we have the OBX Kölsch, IPA 25, and Radler as well as our original Corolla Gold, Fest and Black Radish. And for those of you with a sweet tooth we make a fantastic Root Beer!