Broken Plate Kitchen and Tasty Treats

1159 Austin Street, Unit 106AB, Corolla
(252) 597-3294

Broken Plate Kitchen brings a taste of the Caribbean islands to Corolla. Chef/owner Sean Caiden and co-owner Amaloi Crossman hail from Jamaica, and they bring their favorite island flavors to many of the American-style dishes in their family-oriented restaurant. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant is casual, small, bright and cheerful. Breakfast features menu items like pancakes, French toast, Benedicts, sandwiches and avocado toast. Lunch and dinner bring crab cakes, fish and shrimp tacos, Jamaican jerk chicken, Caribbean-spiced fish, tuna tataki and much more. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, as is take-out. It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Part of Broken Plate Kitchen is known as Tasty Treats, featuring a range of desserts like ice cream, Extreme Milkshakes (you keep the jar), iced coffee, bubble tea, churros and Waffle Sticks. Diners in the restaurant can order from the Tasty Treats menu to enjoy in house or to-go, or customers can walk up and order from Tasty Treats only.