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Arts, Crafts & Spa Products in Avon

You don't need to know what you're looking for to find it here at Sandcastles in Avon on Hatteras Island. For 10 years we've supplied a wide array of original creations to locals and visitors alike. Located on the north end of Avon, our gallery is chock-full of craft collections reflective of it's oceanic roots. At first glance you'll notice a seemingly endless wall of unique paintings and photographs by local artists, but look deeper: fused, stained and mosaic glass, handmade pottery and novelty decor, handcrafted sea glass jewelry, wind chimes, candles, distinct shells, gems and crystals, a variety of cards, local-interest and metaphysical books and puzzles are all waiting to be discovered. What's more, we boast an ever-expanding assortment of spa products made in-house and created expressly for the Outer Banks beach goer. Among the newest of these concoctions is our lavender spray, which works great as a mosquito repellant. We've also developed a highly effective sunburn soother. Throw both in a basket along with our original massage oils, salt scrubs, bath salts, body wash, lotions and essential oils. Whether you're on the hunt for gifts to give or simply looking to treat yourself to something special, Sandcastles is bursting with worthy options. If you're going to leave your heart here in the Outer Banks, at least take a piece of the beach back home with you.

Our list of contributing artists includes, but is by no means limited to Kim Mosher, Kim Folds, Stephanie Kiker, James Melvin, Peter LaWando, Jan Scarborough and Charles Albert.