Take a step into the winter wonderland that Elizabethan Gardens turns into during December until January. Walk outside along the whimsical path lit by Christmas lights and cheery holiday characters, and you’ll pull your coat a little tighter around you because there’s no way you’re going inside yet. This is your chance to revel in the beauty of the holiday season. The Gardens are embellished with thousands of twinkling lights, topiaries, displays and more. It’s like you’re strolling around all of the stars and galaxies in a Christmas universe! Decorations in the Gardens range from traditional to alternative, and they all work together to create a magical experience. In the center of all the decorations you’ll find a crackling open-air fire on the Great Lawn, perfect for warming your hands. And if you want to give the kids an extra treat, have dinner with Santa in the Gardens before experiencing the lights. You’ll enjoy a family-style dinner, and Santa makes sure to spend time with each of the kids.