OBX Sugar Shack

1190 Duck Road, Osprey Landing, Duck
(252) 255-5800

If you’re looking for a sugar buzz, head over to OBX Sugar Shack. A wall full of jelly bellies, decadent chocolates, handmade fudge and gourmet nuts in a variety of flavors are just the beginning of the sugar-laden goodies. If you’re a popcorn fanatic, grab a tub of classic caramel, double cheddar or kettle corn. When it's finished bring the tub back to the store and get it refilled at a discounted price. OBX Sugar Shack also carries handmade popcorn in flavors like chocolate drizzle, jalapeno cheese or cinnamon hot, just to name a few. They also have a great selection of wine. Assemble a tasty snack and step right unto the boardwalk for a sunset picnic.