Corolla Wild Horse Museum

520 Old Stoney Road, Suite B, Corolla
(252) 453-8002

Corolla Wild Horse Fund's offices, museum store and education center are now located at 520B Old Stoney Road in the Ocean Club Centre, the same complex as Corolla’s Visitors Center and the ABC Store. This is where the Corolla Wild Horse Fund shares the fascinating history and legacy of the Banker strain of Colonial Spanish Mustangs. Descendants of Spanish Mustangs brought to the Outer Banks nearly 500 years ago, they are a hardy and majestic breed that is highly endangered. The whole family can learn more about the horses in this museum from the knowledgeable staff, photography and historical information. Donations are accepted and benefit Corolla Wild Horse Fund, managers of the wild herd. All purchases from our Museum Store also benefit the Fund and the wild horses.

To further get to know the horses, Corolla Wild Horse Fund offers educational excursions to see the wild horses. Ride with the experts who work with those in charge of their actual management. All funds raised go to the protection and conservation of the wild horses. Call for reservations. Open all year, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund also offers special programming, especially in the summer. Activities include Meet a Mustang where visitors can see and pet a tamed and gentled mustang. See their website for listings and schedule.