Outer Banks Boat Rentals

Visitors to the Outer Banks can’t help but be oriented to the water. You cross at least one bridge to get to these islands (depending on where you enter), and for the entire time you’re here, there’s the Atlantic Ocean to the east and sounds to the west. But not all visitors, or locals for that matter, have their own way to get out onto that water. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of Outer Banks boat rental businesses that can provide the watercrafts. Whether you’re a wind-driven sailor, a speed boat enthusiast or someone who likes to bring a lot of people and dogs out for a day on the water on a steady pontoon boat, you’re covered here. These Outer Banks boat rental outfitters are almost all located right on the water, so once you’ve taken care of the paperwork, you can hop on your boat of choice and take off on a watery adventure. Of course, the folks who rent these boats will be reading the wind and looking hard at weather predictions (remember that there are a lot of thunderstorms in summer), so listen to their advice and heed it.

Outer Banks Boat Rentals – Timing and Territory

You have the options of Outer Banks boat rentals that last all day or for half-days in the morning or afternoon. During the summer, some folks prefer to head out in the morning since those aforementioned thunderstorms are more prevalent in the afternoons. But there certainly are more days during boating season when you don’t have to consider the weather. All of these renter centers will limit the area you can take the boats to, and most of them do not allow you to travel through the inlet into the ocean. Make sure you’re clear on the guidelines. They really are for your protection so that, for example, you’re within a quickly reachable distance if you break down or run out of gas. Since you’ll be on the water for hours, and it reflects the sun, stay slathered with sun screen and drink plenty of water.

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