Outer Banks Native American Heritage

Different groups have added massive amounts of heritage to the Outer Banks over the years. Colonists, pirates and Native American tribes are a few of the groups to season the Outer Banks with their culture throughout history. Although the Native American lifestyle has blended with other cultures and influences in the grand melting pot of American culture, a taste of their historic civilization can still be found today in the Outer Banks. If you’re an art aficionado or just really love artifacts, you can explore the Roanoke Heritage Art Gallery and Military Museum and the Frisco Native American and Natural History Center where you can examine native pottery, weaponry, jewelry, woven baskets and even a canoe. Check out Roanoke Island Festival Park’s Native American town to see the Algonquian culture and lifestyle that pervaded Roanoke Island in the 16th century. Browse through our listings below to read complete descriptions of where you can explore the Outer Banks Native American heritage.

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Roanoke Island Festival Park

Outer Banks Native American
1 Festival Park, Across from the Manteo Waterfront, Manteo
(252) 475-1500

Did you know that the first Roanoke Island settlements predate the Jamestown settlement of 1607? The Roanoke Island settlements took place 20 years earlier, between 1585 and 1587. Though the Roanoke Island colonies didn’t prove successful as far as longevity, they were the foundations of English-speaking life in America and provided much-needed information about the New World that helped the later colonies succeed. Roanoke Island... read more

Did you know that the first Roanoke Island settlements predate the Jamestown settlement of 1607?... read more