Say It Like a Local

By Molly Harrison | Monday, August 14, 2017

Locals get a good chuckle when a visitor mispronounces an Outer Banks place name, but honestly, we all have to admit that some of the place names on the Outer Banks are a little strange and difficult to pronounce. How are you supposed to know that Corolla is not pronounced like the car made by Toyota? If you’re wondering how the locals pronounce the local words, here’s a guide. Photo: Bodie Island Lighthouse



Bodie Island: BAH-dee, as in body

Coquina Beach: Koh-KEY-nah

Chicamacomico: CHICK-a-ma-COM-i-co

Corolla:  Cor-AH-lah

Croatan: CRO-a-tan

Currituck: CUR-i-tuck or CUR-ee-tuck

Hatteras: HAT-er-as or HATtress

Manteo:  MAN-tee-oh or MAN-ee-oh

Ocracoke: OH-cra-coke

Pamlico: PAM-li-koh

Roanoke: ROH-noke or ROH-a-noke

Rodanthe: Roh-DANTH-ee

Wanchese: WAN-cheese

About the Author Molly Harrison
Molly Harrison is managing editor at OneBoat, publisher of She moved to Nags Head in 1994 and since then has made her living writing articles and creating publications about the people, places and culture of the Outer Banks. When not working she practices and teaches yoga and spends as much time as possible outside and in or on the water with her husband and two children.