Kill Devil Hills NC Outer Banks

Kill Devil Hills -- At the Center of Your Outer Banks Vacation 

Kill Devil Hills NC BeachAt the geographic center of the Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills, NC (KDH as it’s known), is perfectly situated for those who want to see both the northern and southern ends of the Banks in one vacation. Kill Devil Hills, NC, is the largest town on the Outer Banks in terms of year-round population, and it offers a wealth of services, necessity businesses and fast-food restaurants (locals lovingly call the Bypass through this part of KDH French Fry Alley).

But don’t overlook Kill Devil Hills Outer Banks as a vacation destination in its own right. The town’s 4 miles of beachfront feature popular hotels, motels and rental accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Oceanfront mini-mansions rub shoulders with gracious older vacation homes, and interspersed throughout are affordable beach boxes and luxury condos. Kill Devils Hills Outer Banks is an Everyman sort of town. And, since it’s centrally located, most Outer Banks vacationers, regardless of where they’re staying, take advantage of something KDH has to offer, be that eateries, recreation, attractions or shopping.

Having Fun in Kill Devil HillKill Devil Hills - Wright Brothers Monument

Speaking of Outer Banks recreation, Kill Devil Hills, NC, is full of it: surf shops that offer rentals and lessons for any kind of board that floats, fishing, kayaking, biking, triathlons, tennis, you name it. Plus, Kill Devil Hills hosts a cinema with multiple screens – very popular on rainy days! Beach access points with parking are plentiful in Kill Devil Hills. And, did we mention the lifeguards that protect the swimmers at these accesses?...

At the heart of Kill Devil Hills Outer Banks is the National Park Service’s Wright Brothers National Memorial. This is the place where the Wright brothers conducted the first flight in 1903, and the monument to the brothers towers over the town atop Big Kill Devil Hill. 
Colington Island, though not officially part of the Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC, is accessed through the town and is a part of the Outer Banks that most vacationers never see. Down Colington Road, you’ll find a few restaurants and campgrounds, a few homes for rent and a peek into the lives of the local residents.