Duck NC On The Outer Banks

Duck, NC -- The Little Town that Bloomed

Back in the mid-70s, there was a bumper sticker that adorned some Outer Banks cars that read, “Stuck in Duck,” alluding to the absence of development that characterized this community (which wasn’t incorporated until May of 2002). The Duck, NC, of that relatively recent era was quite different from today. There was a Winks convenience store, some tackle shops, a few houses and little more. Development started slowly, but very quickly the residents and loyal visitors realized that they would need to protect their little piece of Duck Outer Banks heaven from outside forces that wanted to pave paradise. After a particularly scary brush with a large grocery chain planning to build a 31,000-square-foot store in the middle of the village, representatives from the town sprang into action to do whatever was needed to grow yet preserve the essence of the place they loved. Most think they succeeded. The small seaside town of Duck, NC, today is a popular Outer Banks beach destination for good reason. Visitors and locals can roam 7 miles of private beaches that are wide and uncrowded.

Destination Duck, NC

Duck Outer Banks, NC - Shopping

The town offers a variety of upscale accommodations that consists mostly of Duck Outer Banks vacation rental houses but that also includes one of the most upscale Outer Banks hotels, The Sanderling Resort. Duck’s charming self-contained village is full of top-notch restaurants that draw locals and guests from all over the Outer Banks for, probably, the biggest variety of culinary adventures of any Outer Banks town. And then there’s the Duck, NC, shopping scene…how much energy do you have? Suffice it to say that visitors who know what the locals know (i.e., those who read all the OneBoat sites!) spend part of their vacation either shopping or eating in Duck, regardless of where they’re staying.

A newly finished soundfront boardwalk makes getting around in Duck very pleasant, not to mention a lot safer. Coupled with an extensive biking and other walking trails and quiet side streets, Duck Outer Banks is one of those places where you can ditch the car and get around on bike or foot.Duck Outer Banks Soundfront Boardwalk

Watersports are also big in Duck Outer Banks, especially on the Currituck Sound. Outfitters can get you out on the water on stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, sailboats, surf or body boards and probably anything else that floats. Duck recreation stays dry too, though: biking on the trail that runs up and down most of the Outer Banks, Segway tours, yoga or fishing. But maybe the most enjoyable Duck activity is visiting a spa and getting pampered. Several of the most highly regarded Outer Banks spas call Duck, NC, home. (Here’s a local’s hint: Book Early.) 

Duck’s main attraction is its soundfront Duck Town Park, complete with a playground, kayak launch, soundside boardwalk and amphitheater. This is the heart of the village, and the Town of Duck fills the park with activities in the summer. The popular Duck Jazz Festival is held in the park in October.