Secret Spot Surf Shop, 2017 Boardshorts

2017 Boardshorts

Choose from the latest styles of boardshorts from brands like Lost, RVCA, Quicksilver, Rip Curl, Hurley, Billabong, O'Neill and more.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Beater Board

Beater Board

The Beater Board was built to be durable, versatile, high-performing and still remarkably manageable. Surf or bodyboard it with or without fins, or skim! The choice is yours.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Dresses & Cover-Ups

Dresses & Cover-Ups

Choose from various styles of dresses by brands like Rip Curl, RVCA, Roxy, Hurley, Body Glove, Billabong, O'Neill and more.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Hand Carved Tikis

Hand Carved Tikis

Secret Spot founder, Steve Hess, discovered these hand-carved tikis on a surfing trip to the Philippines. All are made from cocowood. Many of them are over 5 feet tall!
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Infant & Todler Clothing

Infant & Todler Clothing

We carry a robust selection of surf brand infant and toddler clothing, including tees, button downs, shorts, shoes and more.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Logo Pint Glasses

Logo Pint Glasses

Sip soulfully! Secret Spot branded pint glasses come in clear and our trademark surf art.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Logo T-Shirts

Logo T-Shirts

Secret Spot branded t-shirts available in a variety of colors.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Stance Socks

Stance Socks

A non-traditional mode of self-expression, Stance Socks are remarkably comfortable and strikingly artistic.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Surfboards


Check out our custom-made Secret Spot boards, or pick from an array of other makes and shapes. Used boards are also available.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Suncloud Sunglasses

Suncloud Sunglasses

If you haven't tried Suncloud, well... Try Suncloud! These are high quality sunglasses at a mid-level price. You won't find better shades for the value.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, State Hats

State Hats

Rep the east's greatest surf state! North Carolina label hats available in various colors and styles.
Secret Spot Surf Shop, Sun Bum Sunscreen

Sun Bum Sunscreen

SPF 15 through 70! Lotions, sprays and aloes. Take cover with Sun Bum premium moisturizing sunscreen. Gluten free, vegan, antioxidant enriched and dermatologist tested.