Rooster's Southern Kitchen, Cast-Iron Atlantic Salmon

Cast-Iron Atlantic Salmon

Seared North Atlantic fillet, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes, vegetable of day, smoked pork belly, pepper jelly glaze
Rooster's Southern Kitchen, Hippie Chicken 'n Waffles

Hippie Chicken 'n Waffles

Crispy, boneless chicken thigh sandwiched between sweet potato waffle triangles. Served with maple bourbon Dijon sauce (Available grilled)
Rooster's Southern Kitchen, Kickin’ Pimento Cheese

Kickin’ Pimento Cheese

Sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, House made, blended with smoked jalapenos & served with Ritz crackers
Rooster's Southern Kitchen, Smokin’ Gambler

Smokin’ Gambler

Grilled chicken breast, country ham, house jalapeño pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato.