We’re all tied to the ocean, and when you spend the day in its salty embrace you come back to land re-centered, spirit renewed, with stories abounding. Adventuring with the Albatross Fleet, you’ll find that something far beyond the ordinary occurs when you return to the wild.
Inside the Albatross Fleet’s dock house there’s a wall filled with old photographs that tell a story about the early days of charter fishing on Hatteras Island. There you can see Captain Ernal Foster, the man who single-handedly started the Outer Banks charter fishing industry in 1937.
Albatross Fleet. The name alone has the ring of legend about it. And the Albatross Fleet certainly holds legendary status in the storied history of Hatteras Island charter boat fishing.
From the first English child born in the colonies to the first powered flight and the first national seashore, the Outer Banks is an area known for its historic beginnings. In 1937, Hatteras Village native Ernal Foster pioneered the industry of sportfishing.
There's no such thing as a typical day of fishing on the Albatross Fleet. Something magical happens when you set foot on one of their round-stern boats on an early Hatteras morning, salty air soft against your skin, sky brushed pink with sunrise.
The blue marlin is more than just a fish. For the captains of the Albatross Fleet in Hatteras Village, the marlin represents history, tenacity and a little bit of magic all wrapped up in its neon blue pectoral fins...