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Whalehead, Historic Whalehead Tour

Historic Whalehead Tour

This guided tour takes you through the Knight's Residence where you will learn about the original photos and artifacts... More info
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Whalehead, Historic Corolla Park

Historic Corolla Park

Whalehead is located on 39 acres of pristine sound front property in Historic Corolla. It is listed on the National Register... More info
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Whalehead, Behind the Velvet Ropes

Behind the Velvet Ropes

Our very own OBX Downton Abby. This new tour is loosely based on the old "Behind the Scenes" Tour, which takes visitors... More info
Whalehead, Moonlight Legend, Lore & Ghost Tour

Moonlight Legend, Lore & Ghost Tour

You begin on the grounds outside Whalehead with the guide delving into local ghostly lore involving shipwrecks on the Outer... More info
Whalehead, Joan's Way Tour

Joan's Way Tour

"Joan's Way" is named for the daughter of the Whalehead owner's valet. "Joan" takes children on a tour of the mansion... More info